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"The Next Top Model"
Britney's and BiM's first HD video It's with great pride and delight that we announce the arrival on Body in Mind of full high definition videos. The first features one of the best models we have, a very pretty girl and an amazing poser, Britney. Fans of her photos already know how beautiful she can be. But since motion is one of the elements of beauty, and because Britney moves so nicely, her videos take female beauty to a new level of intensity, renewing it as a source of inspiration and fantasy. For years we have featured only photos on Body in Mind because we couldn't find anyone making videos with the same kind of non-sexual beauty. But we now have several videos that satisfy our demanding standards and we're sure they'll meet yours as well. Let us know if Britney moves you. Enjoy.
Will posing nude hurt a woman's career? A lot of new young models are afraid to pose nude because they think it will hurt their image and damage their careers. But nothing could be further from the truth. For example, supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum - arguably the most successful and long-lasting models ever, and all of them businesswomen and moms over 35 - have all posed nude throughout their careers and all have enthusiastically done so again just recently. Also, in the last 8 years, actresses who have posed nude for photos or have appeared nude in films have won most of the Academy Awards, including Jennifer Connelly, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirre n, and Nicole Kidman. Happily our model Britney is not afraid to pose nude. We hope her career is as long and successful as possible.
Body in Mind is famous for featuring nothing but the most tasteful female nude photos in the world. While other websites all promise tasteful photos, over time they all inevitably resort to more and more sexually explicit content, perhaps in a bid to appeal to the lowest in people. But we don't think that way. We're about using female beauty to inspire greatness in people. And we still have the same quality oriented staff that we started with more than 10 years ago. During that time we've tried to attract some amazing photographers to work with us, but it seems most prefer to work for porn sites. Maybe it's a money thing. But finally we can say we've done it. Once again we've done something that no one else has managed to do - we've created videos that focus on the beauty of the model, not on what's between her legs. Join us now for the most intense beauty you will ever experience. Or check out our lo-res samples for a taste.
Nikkala Stott & Peta Todd
"Vegas Snaps"
Vegas sneak peeks Page 3 sensations and BiM favorites Peta Todd and Nikkala Stott have just wrapped up a week of shooting for us in Las Vegas. With photographers Paul Buceta, Michael White and D.Bell behind the lens, we were able to capture some of the most beautiful images and video ever created of these gorgeous women. Keep checking back for Nikkala and Peta like you've never seen them before. We'll have new sets and videos at least twice month for the next several months. And maybe more! Check out this set of candids, behind-the-scenes, and sneak peeks at upcoming sets. We all worked our asses off, but we had a ball doing it. And we know you're going to enjoy it even more than we did! Have a look, and get ready for some wild stuff, only on Body in Mind.
Haley Marie Coppin
A happy girl is a beautiful girl There's nothing more beautiful than a pretty girl who enjoys being a pretty girl. Hayley-Marie Coppin comes immediately to mind. Hayley is a page 3 girl and glamour model who has a body with perhaps more curves per square inch than any woman we've ever seen. But what makes her especially charming and us especially proud to feature her on Body in Mind is that being beautiful - and in particular being beautiful and nude - makes Hayley very happy. And why not? Who wouldn't want to be born a gorgeous woman and be able to enjoy all the advantages that go with it. Well judging from the fake and posed smiles we see in most of the nude and glamour images we see, many women either don't want to be beautiful, or don't enjoy it. This kind of attitude baffles us, and it's a turn off for most admiring men. Most of us want to know joy and exhilaration and possible in life, and a beautiful woman experiencing and enjoying these things makes us feel great. Thanks Hayley, for enjoying your bea uty almost as much as we do. You're a true inspiration.
"High Ground"
The moral high ground Those interested in defending female beauty and beautiful women in the modern world have to learn to do one thing: take the moral high ground. For example if you overhear people badmouthing a beautiful model simply because they hate her for being so beautiful, or if you are an artist who creates images of beautiful women who is banned from an art show, or if you are a website creator who wants to celebrate women's bodies, or if you are a beautiful woman who is going to be stoned because the people around you hate any woman who uses her beauty, then you need to know that the winner of any political, moral, or personal argument is the one who takes the moral high ground and never gives it up. Arguments like "it shouldn't be against the law", or "it's good dirty fun" will always lose, precisely because they assume a defensive position and grant the moral high ground to the enemy. Instead, turn the tables on them and insist that they explain why female beauty is supposedly so bad. They will be unable to do so, because female beauty is good. But since laws are passed based on what is considered moral, unless you take the righteous position, those claiming that female beauty is immoral will win any and all political debates.
Nikkala Stott
Photographer Paul Buceta: photo savant Anyone who knows Body in Mind can guess that Nikkala Stott is our vote for the best model in the world. What's not obvious is that our newest photographer Paul Buceta just might be our choice for best photographer. In fact, we think his latest set of Nikkala is the best we've ever featured on Body in Mind. We affectionately call him a "photo savant". Since Paul first picked up a camera a few years ago he has instinctively taken better photos than even the most seasoned shooters. And unlike most photographers who spend half their time looking for good models, one look at his online portfolio and gorgeous women come running to him! We knew we had to get our best models in front of his camera before he became too famous to bother with us. Ironically, we think his amazing pix of Nikkala Stott and Peta Todd are likely to make that happen sooner rather than later. ;-)
Peta Todd
"The Brave"
Brave is beautiful In our webpage about the most beautiful woman in the world - whoever she is - we listed the qualities she would have to have to qualify. Among those qualities is bravery. Bravery is confidence in one's ability to pursue one's values in the face of adversity or hardship. It is popular these days to declare bravery to be a myth, that everyone is brave each to his own degree. But the truth is we admire bravery precisely because it is NOT something everyone achieves. In fact, many people don't even have the kind of values that require bravery, those that are difficult to attain, things like our chosen career instead of a 'job', or true love instead of 'a partner'. We find bravery beautiful because beauty is the representation of our values and we all desire things like true love, the perfect career, etc. Bravery, like real art, inspires us. And like all inspiring things, we find it - and those who possess it - beautiful
Stupid babes and ugly angels The most tragic thing to happen to women is well-meaning men who declare beauty to be simply 'abstract' or 'what's on the inside'. Such men forget that the beautiful in spirit can only be invoked by a beautiful body, that there is no other way to experience it. Only if a woman is leaping physically into the air (with her body) can we perceive the joy or freedom that is welling up inside her. Some men deny the value of the spirit and vaunt the pursuit of physical perfection, but their equally destructive brothers deny the value of the physical in favor of the 'virtuous'. Together they create two imposter ideals, neither which has any beauty at all and neither which can work in the real world: the mindless babe and the ugly angel. Their trap is set: any woman who pursues one or the other will fail, and will suffer misery even death. A body without a spirit is a corpse. A spirit without a body is a ghost. Without physical women to posses it, it is impossible to perceive or even imagine female beauty. Therefore, the more physical perfection a woman possesses the more beauty she will be capable of exuding to others. This physical perfection includes not only nice breasts, long legs, and a curvy figure, but also the pursuit of character, of freedom, of a career, of happiness. The pursuit of virtue is both spiritual and physical. And so is the pursuit of beauty. Those who deny it are making women's beauty, happiness and lives impossible.
How interesting is female beauty? We think the love we men have for beautiful naked ladies in silly getups like cowboy clothes, indian headresses, police uniforms, etc is that we like to put interesting things into a picture next to a nude woman simply because it's so nice to see these things pale in comparison to the female form. We put them in to distract ourselves from the lady's wonderful body precisely because it's nice to see them fail so miserably. There are not many things more interesting than a beautiful nude woman, and somehow, by trying to find something that is, and sometimes trying very hard, it serves to remind us just how exceptionally interesting female beauty really is. And by being so interesting, we start to see that a lady posing nude is just as important to a human civilization as men who work hard, as men who enrich the human spirit, and as men who keep us safe. That enriches our experience of her beauty, and that enriches ourselves and our world.
"Spring Breeze"
The so-called mystery of female beauty Many people prefer female beauty to always be hidden. Some want nudity outlawed, while others claim it can never - or should never - be explained. But at Body in Mind, just as we want to see beautiful women nude, female beauty tantalizes us to want to see past its shroud of mystery. So our goal, besides creating the most beautiful images of women possible, is to understand and explain female beauty. So we did. Simply put, female beauty is the representation of your values; whatever you like, you find beautiful. It follows then that the more values you hold, the more beauty you can see and enjoy. In this way, female beauty can actually inspire morality. When you discover this for yourself, when beauty lies as naked and as bare to you as your first love once did, when you see what natural and wholesome loveliness lies beneath her meaningless modern clothing, she does not shrivel up and die, just as your beloved did not. Instead she takes on a new, nakedly beautiful glow, and yo u can't help wondering why anyone would want to cover her up in the first place.
Nikkala Stott
"The real Nikkala Stott"
Nikkala Stott, our pick for perhaps the best model in the world, has worked with us for almost 5 years, but who is she really? What is she really like? We invited her to Las Vegas for a week in March to find out. We worked with her for over 3 days, went out on the town, and relaxed with her by the pool after long days of shooting. And what did we discover? We learned that she is a woman who loves being nude as much as she loves wearing nice clothes, she likes feeling pretty as much as she likes going really fast in hot cars, she eats cheesecake and pizza but doesn't have to do anything special to keep her incredible figure, she looks as good without make-up as she does with it. She even looks good dressed as a cavewoman! So, who is the real Nikkala Stott? Stay tuned to Body in Mind to find out, as we release several new photo sets and videos of this truly beautiful lady.
Klaudia Gerbera
"It starts with one flower"
It starts with one flower In the older version of the Whole Earth Catalog writer Ann Herbert had a little blurb on each page. The one I remember said something like "Create meaningless beauty and commit random acts of kindness." While we despise the idea that beauty is - or could ever be - pointless, and equally despise the injustice of helping those who don't deserve it at the expense of those who do, we also believe that the spirit of this advice is well meant, that it is singing the praises of a benevolent view towards our fellow man, and that it recognizes the value of things like this. It's perhaps the single best reason we've ever seen to love the humans. And it makes us remember another thing we think Ann Herbert said, "Sing out so those around you might hear your song and take heart". A garden starts with one flower; a song with one bird. Body in Mind says simply, "Think beautiful", and there's nothing meaningless about i t, because beauty is the greatest kindness of all.
Peta Todd
Body In Mind Presents Peta Todd in "Titan"
Hayley Marie Coppin
"Desert Star"
Body In Mind Presents Hayley Marie Coppin in "Desert Star"
Hayley Marie Coppin
"Black Hat"
Body In Mind Presents Hayley Marie Coppin in "Black Hat"
Body In Mind Presents Cristina in "Goldilocks"
Hayley Marie
"The Belt"
Body In Mind Presents Hayley Marie Coppin in "The Belt"
Kyla Cole
"Laundry Day"
Body In Mind Presents Kyla Cole in "Laundry Day"
Nikkala Stott
"Sitting Pretty"
Body In Mind Presents Nikkala Stott in "Sitting Pretty"
Body In Mind Presents Klaudia in "Khaki"
Body In Mind Presents I\ngrid in "Haystacks"
Body In Mind Presents Britney in "Graffiti"
"Strawberry Ice-Cream"
Body In Mind Presents Klaudia in "Strawberry Ice-Cream"
Body In Mind Presents Nikkala in "Nikkers"
"Looking up"
Body In Mind Presents Linda in "Looking up"
"Lunar Tide"
Body In Mind Presents Nastia in "Lunar Tide"
Body In Mind Presents Britney in "Watergirl"
"The big tease"
Body In Mind Presents Maya in "The big tease"
"Hobo with a grin"
Body In Mind Presents Ingrid in "Hobo with a grin"
Zuzana Drabinova
Body In Mind Presents Zuzana Drabinova in "Jeans"
"Come on in ..."
Body In Mind Presents Klaudia in "Come on in ..."
Body In Mind Presents Klaudia in "Homebody"
Nikkala Stott
"Top Artist"
Body In Mind Presents Nikkala Stott in "Top Artist"
"Baby Blue"
Body In Mind Presents Maya in "Baby Blue"
Body In Mind Presents Tracy in "Beauty"
Kyla Cole
Body In Mind Presents Kyla Cole in "Peacock"
"Best of BIM"
Body In Mind Presents Marina in "Best of BIM"
"Orange Plush"
Body In Mind Presents Klaudia in "Orange Plush"
"Rocky Coast"
Body In Mind Presents Britney in "Rocky Coast"
Nikkala Stott
"Hot & Cold"
Body In Mind Presents Nikkala Stott in "Hot & Cold"
"Sea Shore"
Body In Mind Presents Nastia in "Sea Shore"
Kyla Cole
"Pure Joy"
Body In Mind Presents Kyla Cole in "Pure Joy"
"On the Rocks"
Body In Mind Presents Ingrid in "On the Rocks"
Body In Mind Presents Tanzi in "Sunflower"
Nikkala Stott
"White Apple"
Body In Mind Presents Nikkala Stott in "White Apple"
Body In Mind Presents Ashley in "Painter"
Body In Mind Presents Ingrid in "Hammock"